Weekly Update – August 20th

I’m pleased to share with you some important announcements made by our government this past week.


Eight-lane toll-free tunnel to replace George Massey Tunnel


We are moving ahead with a new toll-free tunnel to replace the ageing George Massey Tunnel. 


The BC Liberal plan was to force through a toll bridge that didn’t fit the needs of the surrounding communities.  


We are taking action to reduce traffic congestion and improve transit and cycling infrastructure along the Highway 99 corridor.


This new toll-free tunnel will have a dedicated lane for rapid bus, and a separate pathway for pedestrians and cyclists. 


Paid sick leave consultation – Now available in several languages


It’s essential that workers in BC can stay home when they are sick without losing pay. 


We brought in temporary paid sick leave for Covid-19, and in 2022 we’ll have permanent paid sick leave. 


New drug-checking device helps saves lives


Every life lost to overdose is tragic and our government is hard at work to turn the tide.


We’re investing in HarmCheck, a cutting-edge technology that allows for rapid and cost-effective drug testing to provide life-saving information. 


We’re tacking a multi-pronged approach to tackling the overdose crisis by increasing access to safe supply, creating more treatment beds, and improving access to life-saving on the ground support in communities across B.C.



The Constituency Office is always available to help the residents of Burnaby North. You can find us at 1833 Willingdon Avenue, Burnaby, B.C., V5C 5R3.  


Telephone number: 604 775 0778 

Email: Janet.Routledge.MLA@leg.bc.ca