You Are Invited to our Seasonal Celebration!

Please join us on Saturday, December 17th from 12:30-3:00pm at the Confederation Seniors Centre for a Seasonal Celebration with MLA Janet Routledge. There will be snacks and refreshments, live music, and community organizations in attendance.

Old Growth Logging Declines to Record Lows

As the Province continues implementation of the Old Growth Strategic Review, the latest numbers released show old-growth logging in B.C. has decreased to the lowest level on record.   Logging of old growth has declined by 42%, from an estimated 65,500 …

Funding for the Pat Quinn Classic

I’m pleased that my community will be welcoming people from across the province for another year of the Pat Quinn Classic. The Province is providing $10,000 to Tourism Burnaby for this popular event. Learn more here! 

Pharmacists to renew Prescriptions!

Quick Facts: Pharmacists will adapt and renew prescriptions for a wider range of drugs and conditions, and they will be able to administer, further to a prescription, a wider range of drugs by injection or intranasally. The Province is working toward extending the …

New Compensation Model for Doctors

We have achieved a new payment model for family doctors to help protect, support and strengthen B.C.’s health-care system and patient care. Learn more here. Global News has called this a “seismic shift”, and we agree.