New, accessible school playgrounds open for students

Extra provincial playground funding for the seventh year means more fun for students and families in modern and safe playgrounds.

In 2024, the Province is providing funding for 26 more playgrounds in 26 school districts, each receiving $195,000. This investment in playgrounds promotes physical activity for kids, teaches social skills, such as sharing, and helps them develop life skills, such as conflict resolution. The playgrounds are also designed to be accessible for children of all abilities.

Last year’s provincial investment of $5 million supported 25 new school playgrounds – 20 are complete, while the remaining are close to ready. Building new accessible playgrounds is part of the government’s priority to ensure students have positive learning and play spaces, no matter where they live.

Since 2018, the government has supported students and families, allocating $40 million toward new playgrounds at 282 schools, benefiting more than 70,000 students. Every school district has received at least one playground since the program started in 2018. Some schools received funding for multiple playgrounds for the communities to enjoy.

Budget 2024 includes $3.75 billion for school capital projects over the next three years, including new and expanded schools, seismic upgrades and replacements, and land purchases for future schools.

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