The government’s commitment to universal child care.

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As a member of the child care working group, Janet is an integral part of the government’s commitment to the introduction of universally accessible and affordable, quality child care.

Families in British Columbia are facing a child care crisis today. Many of our constituents, in particular, struggle to find accessible and affordable care for their children.

The average cost of child care in Metro Vancouver is more than $1,300 per month. For many parents, this means they have to make the difficult decision to stay home rather than to return to the workforce after parental leave has expired.

In Metro Vancouver, there are only about 18.5 child care spaces for every 100 children under the age of 12. That’s below the national average. No wonder the waiting lists are so long. The child care system in this province is fundamentally broken, and tinkering with such a broken system is not good enough. The people of B.C. want a system of accessible, affordable, quality child care. The people of B.C. voted for a system of accessible, affordable, quality child care, and that is what this government is preparing to give them.

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