Province conducting external review of legal aid service delivery

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Thursday, October 4, 2018

To help ensure optimal access to justice for British Columbians, government is undertaking a comprehensive review of legal aid service delivery models in fall 2018.

David Eby, Attorney General, has requested a review of legal aid service delivery models, including a report with recommendations, by Dec. 31, 2018. The review is being conducted by practising lawyer Jamie Maclaren, using terms of reference laid out by the attorney general.

The review will focus on the effectiveness and efficiencies of legal aid service delivery in British Columbia from the point of view of citizens who use legal aid services.

It will also consider analysis of the current service-delivery models used by Legal Services Society (LSS), including the following elements and issues:

  • workflow and caseload demand
  • certificate/private bar models
  • mixed models
  • duty counsel
  • clinics
  • major cases
  • paralegals
  • trends and challenges: geographical, cultural/demographic, technological; priorities, flexibility, resourcing, capacity
  • models used in other jurisdictions including staff lawyers
  • other topics the reviewer considers important

As a part of the review process, Maclaren will consider public feedback during development of his report and recommendations. Members of the public can provide written submissions until Nov. 23, 2018, via a dedicated email mailbox.

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