Premier Horgan

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As many of you have heard, Premier Horgan announced that he will not be seeking re-election. My reaction to this news was sadness. Yet, I feel confident about going forward as a result of Premier Horgan’s leadership that has allowed our entire team to mature and develop as individuals and as a group. I remember a particular event during the 2017 election, that I feel defines Premier Horgan’s leadership and impact. 

The Premier had held a big press conference in my neighbourhood on the front lawn of a house that was for sale. As things were getting underway and before reporters had the opportunity to ask questions, a group of school children and their teacher from Gilmore Elementary School had arrived and were watching the press conference from across the street.

Just as the media scrum was starting, one of the students who must have been around eight years old, came across the street and whipped out a pencil and pad of paper and started asking Premier Horgan questions. This was in the middle of an election. He could have handled that situation in so many different ways.

What he chose to do was treat this young boy with respect, interest, and curiosity as he answered all of his questions. In later years, the boy and his family came to the Legislature and sat in the gallery. The Premier introduced and acknowledged him.

Premier Horgan lets everyone know that they matter. This is the hallmark of his leadership and his impact. This has also been and will continue to be the primary message of our government. You can say it in words, you can say it in policy, and you can show it in the way you treat people.