New service transforms how business, government share information

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Tuesday, January 22, 2019 9:15 AM

The Government of British Columbia has launched OrgBook BC, a new service that will make it easier for companies to quickly and securely share verifiable business information online.

In the past, starting a business involved a lot of paperwork, which can be a barrier for companies trying to get up and running. OrgBook BC will allow businesses to digitally share trusted information with other levels of government, suppliers, banks and other partners, significantly reducing time and energy for entrepreneurs.

“OrgBook BC has unlimited potential to improve the way companies interact with the Province, whether they are a small, family-owned business or a large credit union,” said Jinny Sims, Minister of Citizens’ Services. “We’re bringing new partners onto OrgBook BC and expanding its capabilities, as well as growing our digital footprint, to help our job creators spend less time on paperwork and more time growing their companies.”

British Columbians can now use OrgBook BC to search information from BC Registry Services to verify that a business is legally incorporated and in good standing. As the service grows, people will be able to do a quick online search to learn more about the companies they do business with, from restaurants to investment brokerages.

“OrgBook BC will empower businesses with a trusted digital identity and the World Economic Forum is following the development closely as B.C. is leading the way in using blockchain technology within the business identity management space,” said Nadia Hewett, project lead for blockchain, World Economic Forum, Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. “This service can potentially inspire further innovation, adoption and interoperability of decentralized identity systems in the public and private sector globally.”

OrgBook BC’s value and functionality will increase with every organization that participates. The new service is part of government’s efforts to modernize and streamline interactions with businesses, reducing the time and effort it takes to obtain the permits and licences needed to operate.

“British Columbia is setting a new standard to help businesses manage some of their most important documentation, stimulating economic growth using blockchain technology to make interactions with the Province more convenient and secure,” said Alan Winter, B.C.’s innovation commissioner. “This pioneering approach will make things simpler for businesses — from neighbourhood corner stores to large credit unions and investment firms.”

OrgBook BC uses cutting-edge blockchain technology, which ensures that information on the site cannot be altered. This offers British Columbians and business owners the security of knowing data is up to date and issued by government. British Columbia is the first province in North America to use blockchain technology to enable efficient and safe interactions between government agencies, businesses and other organizations.

“We have been a champion of small businesses for nearly 50 years and one of the top concerns from our members is red tape when complying with government paperwork,” said Richard Truscott, vice-president, B.C. and Alberta, Canadian Federation of Independent Business. “B.C. entrepreneurs will appreciate the simplicity OrgBook BC has to offer and any time and effort it will save.”

Quick Facts:

  • Over 525,000 legal entities are included in the BC Registry Services database and are now available to view on OrgBook BC.
  • BC Registry Services is the first public sector organization to begin using OrgBook BC. As more agencies join the service, its function will expand.
  • OrgBook BC was designed in collaboration with the governments of Ontario and Canada to make it easier for governments to securely process business permits and licences.

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