New Health Workforce Strategy

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The newly developed health workforce strategy will:

  • add more doctors, nurses and health sciences professionals
  • add new education and training seats
  • taking actions to improve retention and to optimize the system to help with workload.

Actions that government are announcing immediately include:

  • Forty new undergraduate medical education seats  and up to 88 new residency seats at UBC Faculty of Medicine. Starting 2023.
  • Beginning Oct. 14, pharmacists will adapt and renew prescriptions for a wider range of drugs and conditions, and they will be able to administer, further to a prescription, a wider range of drugs by injection or intranasally. The Province is also working toward extending the valid period of prescriptions to two years.
  • The Ministry of Health is working with the College of Pharmacists of BC on regulations that will enable pharmacists to prescribe for minor ailments and contraception by spring 2023.
  • New regulations to enable paramedics & first responders to provide a broader range of services during emergencies.

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