Money from Climate Action Tax Credit helps people after the holidays

This week, more than two million families and individuals will receive their third quarterly Climate Action Tax Credit payment.

Last year, the Province increased the Climate Action Tax Credit to put more money in people’s pockets. The Province also raised income thresholds to ensure B.C.’s clean transition remains affordable for more people.

A single person can now receive as much as $447 per year, more than double what they received in 2022. A family of four now receives as much as $893.50 per year. An estimated 70% of families and individuals who are eligible to get the quarterly payments from the Province can expect the maximum amounts.

The income ceiling for the credit will increase annually, with a goal to reach 80% of households in B.C. by 2030.

The Province is also helping people deal with rising costs from global inflation through additional measures, such as the boosted B.C. Family Benefit that is received on the 20th of each month.

The B.C. government will not contact people about the B.C. climate action tax credit by text message. A text message about the tax credit may be fraudulent. If unsure, contact:

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