Minister’s statement on December Labour Force Survey results

Brenda Bailey, Minister of Jobs, Economic Development and Innovation, has issued the following statement on the release of Statistics Canada’s Labour Force Survey for December 2023:

“British Columbians continued to demonstrate that we’re stronger when we work together in the face of significant global challenges as a strong provincial economy in 2023 reinforced that our province is an economic and fiscal leader in Canada.

“B.C. led the country in job growth in December (+17,700), wrapping up a strong year for job creation in our province.

“In 2023, B.C. added 74,000 new jobs, some of the highest job growth in the country, with all of B.C.’s employment gains last year being in full-time jobs.

“Our unemployment rate remains one of the lowest among provinces (5.6%) and below the national average.”

You can read more on the Labour Force Survey Results here: