Food Security: Burnaby Food First

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Thanks to Burnaby Food First, people in our community are participating in local food security. The idea is to ensure that everyone has enough fresh, healthy food; that everyone has knowledge and skills to prepare healthy food; that locally grown processed and stored food is widely available; and that food is grown in ways that respect our environment. Burnaby Food First offers a wide range of free workshops all over our city and includes topics such as apartment food gardening, how to preserve your harvest, income and food connection, and healthy after-school snacks for kids.

Burnaby Food First also sponsors something they call Sharing Backyards. They match apartment dwellers who want to garden with neighbours who have extra space. Janet’s family are happy to offer part of their yard to a senior who no longer has one.

This organization plays an important role in our community, bringing our community together and breaking down isolation. In this age, when extreme weather is threatening food sources around the world, we are fortunate to have an organization like this whose mandate it is to make healthy, local food available to everyone.