Action to Keep Communities Safe

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The Province is making changes to help keep British Columbians safe, launching a new Safer Communities Action Plan with immediate steps that will strengthen enforcement to keep those who commit repeat violent offences off our streets, and strengthen services to build safe, healthy communities for everyone.

Some of the measures announced include:

  • launching new repeat violent offender co-ordinated response teams, made up of police, and dedicated prosecutors and probation officers;
  • expanding mental-health crisis response teams
  • creating a new model of addictions care at St. Paul’s Hospital
  • opening 10 new Indigenous Justice Centres to provide culturally appropriate support
  • going after the houses, cars and luxury goods of high-level organized criminals by introducing “unexplained wealth order” legislation in spring 2023; and
  • building public confidence in the prosecution system with new direction from the Attorney General to prosecutors to implement a clear and understandable approach to bail for repeat violent offenders