Art from The Gamma Garage is now on display in my office

The latest rotating art display from local artists is up in my Community Office. It is from The Gamma Garage artists. Their work will be up in the constituency office from January 16 to March 9 this year.    If you come into the office to see the exhibition, expect to see a variety of styles and media.   There are landscapes, portraits and florals, in ink, watercolour, acrylics and oils, as well as some photographs.

It was at a neighbourhood get-together that Dianne Yard, Pat Sexsmith, and Sheila Chowdhury discovered that they were all painters.   The three, who all live on the same block of Gamma Avenue, began meeting to share their work.  Soon they invited their friend and fellow painter, Wilma Cook to join them and The Gamma Garage was born.  The group takes its name from Sheila’s studio: her converted garage, the venue of their annual show.

The Gamma Garage enjoys sharing their work in the community.  They participated in Living Room Art in the Heights for the last three years and will hold their 15th annual Art Show this coming April.